Re-Discovering Portsea

Duntroon Society Biennial Reunion 10-12 April 2018


YouTube drone video by Franky Tartner

All RMC Duntroon, OTU Scheyville and WRAAC OCS George’s Heights staff, cadets and graduates know of Portsea in its idyllic bayside, national park setting, but how many have visited?

In 1951 the Officer Cadet School of the Australian Army took over the main buildings on the quarantine station site. Very small numbers of people were quarantined from that time until the official closure of the Quarantine Station in 1980. A number of new buildings were constructed c.1963-65 as part of the Officer Cadet School such as a gymnasium, barracks, library and gatehouse. In 1984 [sic] the Officer Cadet School was relocated to Canberra. The main Parade Ground and Flagstaff have an historical association with the Officer Cadet School. The School of Army Health replaced the Officer Cadet School from 1985 to 1998. This was the main establishment in Australia for the training of Army health officers. In 1999 the Quarantine Station buildings were used to accommodate Kosovar refugees.- Heritage Council Victoria

2018 Reunion Outline
Our amalgamated Duntroon Society's 2018 Reunion will  focus primarily on the Officer Cadet School, Portsea. It is where we plan to re-discover or, for many, even first discover the habitat endured, and paths trod by the erudite graduates of OCS

: erudite (Latin eruditus) when instruction and reading followed by digestion and contemplation have effaced all rudeness (e- (ex-) + rudis), that is to say smoothed away all raw, untrained incivility

We also have plans to welcome you, guide you on tours, dine you, entertain you and, perhaps following brunch, bid you farewell.
Committee planning for Wednesday, the Main Day, includes a whole day of activities on the old OCS site, including afternoon drinks in and around the historic Commandant's House , and in the evening, a more formal dinner - a military setting, a band, a bit of pageantry - a totally relaxed atmosphere. There will be organised tours of the old lines (walking) and Point Nepean National Park (bus) earlier in the day. On Tuesday evening, prior to the Main Day, a Welcome Function will be held at the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron to enable you to meet up with old colleagues and friends. Some of you might like to start off on Thursday morning with a chat among friends before you depart - we are endeavouring to arrange a suitable brunch spot or two to accommodate all who show interest in participating.
Some excursions are suggested for both the Tuesday and the Thursday including sailing the bay aboard a comfortable car and passenger ferry on a delightful 40-minute crossing between Sorrento and (Fort) Queenscliff - and back, if it's Tuesday! An alternative on Tuesday, and on Thursday, will be for you to undertake a tour of one or two local high quality wineries, perhaps while someone else does the driving. There are several other opportunities available for excursions, and you might like to select one or two other local Mornington Peninsula attractions. More details of this, and more, to come . . . .
Your Organising Team
Victor Steiner - Bob Slater - Alan McDonald - Konrad Ermert - John Carmichael - Ross Bishop - Ralph Bennett


Join up for the 2018 Reunion - retell the past - review the present - renew friendships!